We also strive to be completely honest with how we buy items and how much you get for your items. I'm going to try and explain the best I can but feel free to post any questions on this discusson board and we will answer them. If you have the questions others might also. So here we go. . .


Larger Items:

We pay you by check for these. When I say large items I mean strollers, high chairs, toys that have to sit on the floor(ride on toys, kitchens, ect.)These bigger items are based on condition, how clean it is, if we have to put batteries in it and have many we have of it at the time. 


Small Items:

Small items such as small toys, bedding, games, bottles, bibs, dvds and such these are for store credit only. The prices vary according to condition, if batteries are needed.

We will not accept or go through anything that smells like smoke or if they are dirty. 
We do store credit for all clothes. Whatever price your clothes come to, you can then use in the store credit to buy items in the store.
Our prices are very straight forward. We pay you $.10-$.50 and item for size NB-6X and $1.00 for sizes kids 7 thru all Junior sizes and Maternity.

 1x 18 gallon rubber maid tote (this is the average size for most)
 1x 13 gallon trash bags (no black industrial sizes)
2x average size boxes that would equal to the size of the rubber maid tote
To optimize your space when bringing clothes in presort to take out the out of season items and please try and remove yard sale stickers

THANK YOU Teresa and Kristy